Home Network Installation by Devise Integration

With home technology systems installed by Devise Integration, your whole home can be a part of one interconnected network. That means that al smart technology in your home can be connected – including computer, audio and video, heating and cooling, lighting, home security, and more.

Wired and wireless network systems connect every system and devise in your home, giving you one complete and simple to use package for home technology. These systems allow for a range of functionality that allows you to create the exact environment in your home that is perfect for your family.

20+ Years Experience

Devise Integration has been a leading expert in installing both wired and wireless home network systems throughout the Fraser Valley since 2015.

Whether you are building a new home, or retrofitting your current home with a network solution, Devise Integration has the experience and know-how to install a home network system with complete coverage throughout the space – giving your family the convenience and freedom of a fully networked home.

Wired Home Networks

A wired home network relies on physical wiring to create a connection between devices within the home. This type of network is usually integrated into the original construction plans of a home, as installation can be very extensive. This type of network offers reliable connectivity throughout all of the devices that are connected to the network, without risk of interference or dropped signals.

Wireless Home Networks

Wireless home networks allow for free-roaming convenience, and are much simpler to install. However, wireless networks may be susceptible to signal interference or dropped connections.

Every networkable device in the home can be connected to the home wireless network, meaning that your network can constantly be growing and changing with your family’s needs.

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