Lighting Control – Home Technology Solutions in the Fraser Valley

For ultimate convenience in your high-tech home, consider lighting control capabilities. With a whole home lighting control system, you can enjoy beautiful lighting, convenient control options, energy savings, and an increase in the lifespan of your lights and fixtures. At Devise Integrations, we offer whole home technology installations in the Fraser Valley – including fully customizable lighting control options for your luxury home.

Advantages of a lighting control system in your home include:

  • Convenience. Know where there are lights on, and control them from a centralized location in your home. You no longer will have to leave lights on unnecessarily, as you will be able to control on and off times from a remote location.
  • Make your home look its best. With full lighting control options, you can use light to stage your home and have it looking its best. Different levels of light allow for different activities – you can change the warmth, ambience, and highlights to suit your needs.
  • Energy savings. Using a home lighting control system allows you to save significantly on your electricity bill. Incorporating slightly dimmed lights can have a large impact on energy consumption without being noticeable. Additionally, a home lighting system can ensure that lights are not left on when they aren’t needed.

Lighting Control Installation – Devise Integration

Home builders and owners in the Fraser Valley trust in Devise Integration for their home lighting control and home technology installation needs. With a focus on exceptional customer service and an expert technology team, Devise Integration can complete your project to the highest standard.

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