Distributed Audio & Video – Home Technology Installation

Devise Integration is proud to be a leading installer of distributed audio and video systems in the Fraser Valley for residential homes. Distributed audio and video – sometimes called whole house, or multi-room, audio and video – is a way of installing audio and video throughout an entire home with one source point. 

Distributed Audio

Audio can be distributed throughout rooms in many different ways – depending on the way you want to listen to music and which rooms you would like to have access to the audio. Devise Integration will help you determine your needs and install an easy to use system that makes listening to music in your home a pleasure.

Distributed Video

Similarly to distributed audio, distributed video can be distributed from a single source point to multiple rooms throughout the home. There are many levels of quality with 4K video distribution. We at Devise Integration are proud to feature Crestron's true loseless 4K video distribution, the highest standard in the market.

Distributed Audio and Video in the Fraser Valley

For installations of audio and video systems in your Fraser Valley home, give Devise Integration a call today. Our expert team has the knowledge and commitment to make your home technology work best for you.

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