Why is Crestron the Right Choice for Home Automation Setups?

May 28th, 2019 |

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Why is Crestron the right choice for home automation setups?

Answer: Crestron comes with a number of great benefits. Let's look into them.

With the recent uptick in home automation options, it can be a bit overwhelming choosing between all the different products and manufacturers that are saturating the market. When choosing a home automation setup, deciding on one company and one system to go with can make the process simpler, and more streamlined. Thankfully, Crestron is the right choice for home automation setups due to a number of reasons.

First, Crestron gives you a multitude of control options for each user of the home automation system. Everyone has unique tastes and preferences, and Crestron home control solutions meet these by allowing multiple control options for each unique user. This is also easy to use, with intuitive menus and a simple user interface compatible with most tablet and smartphones.

Secon, Crestron also offers a wide range of products. Even if you are only considering lighting automation at the moment, you may decide in the future to add in other smart products. A mistake many people make is using too many different manufacturers for each system, and not having them integrate and work together. This means that the user requires several apps and programs to control each thing. Crestron provides control products for everything from lighting and environment, to audio, video, and shades. Whatever your needs are now, Crestron has them covered.

Finally, Crestron continues to innovate and add new products, while continuing to support older products. This means that as new ideas and innovations enter the market, you can continue to add to your home automation setup, without needing to learn new systems and complicate the process. Crestron also certifies installers, meaning your system will be setup right, and work for you.

When investing in a smart home, you want to do it right. Choosing Devise Integration and Crestron products will make this happen - now, and into the future. 


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