Why Do I Need Residential Access Control in Surrey?

January 27th, 2020 |

Access Control Systems have been commonplace in many commercial and retail businesses in Surrey for a long time. In recent years, there has been a growing trend for residential properties to begin investing in access control. There are many benefits to installing a residential access control system in Surrey BC, and here are a few of the top reasons.

No More Keys

The best part of an Access Control System is that you no longer need to worry about keys, especially lost keys. If you have kids, you know what a hassle keys can be. Keys that become lost or stolen become a liability, and increase the chance of being broken into, or having an intruder enter your home. Access Control Systems can easily have fobs blocked out, so a lost fob does not mean having to rekey and entire home.

Entry History

Another perk of an access control system is knowing the history of when any device is used to access a home. With residential homes, this can help parents keep track of their children coming and going. You can also connect modern access control systems to other smart home technology, allowing it to communicate and send remote notifications of when a door is opened. This can help to increase security and give you peace of mind.

Remote Access

Another benefit of installing a residential access control system is to provide remote access should the need arise. Delayed in traffic returning home and expecting family or friends to stop by? You can remotely let them in, instead of having them sit outside waiting. Of course, you need to make sure you go with a system that does allow for this feature.

Access Control Systems have been a staple in commercial and retail buildings for years, and it is no surprise as to why. Many of the benefits that these businesses gain from the systems can also be had from residential users. Consider talking to Devise Integration and seeing what systems are available for your home.


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