What is Lossless 4K Video Distribution?

March 24th, 2019 |

With the sheer size and resolution of 4K video distribution, you want to ensure that the highest signal quality available reaches the final destination. If you are looking to distribute high quality 4K video to each room of your house or office, look no further then lossless 4K Video distribution.

Crestron offers a range of video distribution hardware designed specifically for 4K video distribution. 4K is the new standard for high definition video feeds, having four times the number of pixels compared to 1080p. This also means a lot more data will need to be transmitted to retain the same level of quality. This is especially amplified if you are looking to distribute the same feed or input, to multiple end-use devices.

Crestron lossless 4K video distribution is considered one of the highest standards currently in the market. This system is designed to ensure that no loss of video quality takes place, and the feed you receive to each device is as high of quality as possible. Lower quality video distribution hardware may not be powerful enough to distribute a high quality feed, and therefore result in a picture that is subpar. If you want the best, consider using Crestron 4K video distribution.

If you are considering updating your home control and implementing video distribution systems, make sure to contact the professionals at Devise Integration. They can not only make it make sense, but ensure a quality job for a quality result.


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