Installing a Home Network with Home Automation in Mind

June 24th, 2019 |

If you need a home network installing, or even an upgrade to an existing network, you should consider your current and future needs. When planning for home automation systems, one of the primary considerations is what your needs for wire home networks, and for wireless home networks will be. Keep reading to learn about what role each will play.

Wired Home Networks

Wired home networks are exactly as they sound, they use a wire. Traditionally, CAT5 cable has been used for this, but CAT6 cable is now available which has higher speeds and carries less noise. There is a bit of a cost difference in the cable, but it is very minor, so if you are going through the effort of running new cable, CAT6 should be used.

Many smart home devices, including hubs for various systems, IP security cameras, and wireless access points require a hardwire network cable connection. You will want to run cable from your main router or switch, to each area where you will either be installing cameras, or have a main hub or access point for A/V, HVAC or even telephone systems.

Wireless Home Networks

Wireless home networks use a wifi signal to give access to a device, or to your ISP for internet access through the modem. Your main router will be your primary access point, but depending on the square footage of your space, you may need to expand this system for adequate coverage. There are many wireless mesh systems available for this, or if you are in the process of wiring your house, a better option is to run the CAT6 cable and use wireless access points that are directly wired in.

Many home automation devices such as wifi light bulbs and wifi plugs work over your wireless network. Also, you will probably mostly use wifi with your phone and other devices to connect to any home automation system, so you will want to have a strong signal.

If this seems confusing, or a bit overwhelming, you may want to talk to Devise Integration and have an expert determine your exact needs, and help make this reality. Make sure you plan ahead and future-proof your network with home automation in mind.


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