How Do I Choose the Right Place to Install my Home Theatre System?

November 26th, 2019 |

A Home theatre system can become an exciting addition to any home, and lead to many fun-filled family nights spent together. While choosing the right home theatre equipment is important for the best experience, the importance of proper home theatre installation can not be understated. Here are some tips on choosing the right place to install your home theatre system.

Choosing the Correct Room

The first major decision when it comes to home theatre installation is which room to put it in. For most people, this is an easy decision, as many homes only have one living room or space with couches. If you are lucky enough to have some options, choose a room with minimal naturally lighting for the heat viewing experience. Also, consider the rooms proximity to other busy spaces, such as a kitchen or bedrooms. You want the space to be an accessible one, especially if you are entertaining guests, but not too close to the bedrooms so as to have to limit volume should the system be used while others are sleeping.

Placement Within the Room

Once you have chosen a room, you need to carefully consider the placement of the TV within it. Some important considerations are whether you plan to hang or wall mount the TV, or have it sit atop of a media console. Avoid placing the TV above a higher fireplace, as heat from the fire is not ideal for a TV, plus the viewing angle will not be comfortable should it be too high. Ideally a TV should be at a height where viewers are looking straight on about 2/3 of the way up the TV.

You also want to make sure that there are no large windows nearby or directly behind where someone will be sitting. This makes viewing during the day less than ideal should natural light be flooding in. If you have no choice, consider adding blackout blinds to the windows.

Choosing the right place to install your Home Theatre System is an important decision and can make a huge difference in your overall experience. Often this is best left to the experts, and Devise Integration is here to help.


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