Residential Access Control in the Fraser Valley

Access control in your Fraser Valley home gives you the ultimate control to view and control who has access to your home and property ‐ no matter where you are at the time. With an access control system from Devise Integration you can manage, monitor, and maintain who has access to your property at all times.

Access control systems can include any or all of the following access areas:

  • Garage doors
  • Man gates
  • Car gates
  • Door latches
  • Door locks
  • And more

Some systems allow two-way voice or video as well ‐ meaning you can speak with whoever is trying to access your property, giving you even more control.

Benefits of an Access Control System

There are many benefits to having an access control system in place, some of the most popular reasons for installing access control are:

  • Convenience. You will always be able to access your own home, whether or not you have a physical key with you.
  • Security. You will have full control of who has access to your home and property at all times ‐ meaning you can give temporary access to a contractor even while you are not home. You will be able to know exactly who is entering, and who is requesting access to your home at all times.
  • Monitoring. Keep tabs on who is entering your home and when ‐ whether it is family members or guests.

Fraser Valley’s Go-To Installer for Access Control

Since establishment in 2015, Devise Integration has been the go-to installation expert for all things home technology and automation, including access control systems for residential buildings. If you are interesting in total home access control, give Devise Integration a call.

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